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  1. To use the system, you will need to create a login account, using your email address and a unique password.

  2. To make a reservation:

    • Click on an available day and time (using day, week, or month calendar layout)

    • Fill out details in the pop-up window

      • Refine the start and end times by typing

      • Description is optional

      • Your full name is required

      • Choose Court 1 or Court 2 from the dropdown menu

      • You can repeat the reservation daily, weekly, etc. from the dropdown menu

    • Click on Create Reservation button

  3. To edit your reservation:

    • Click on your reservation

    • Make the necessary edits in the pop-up window

    • Click on Update Reservation button

  4. To cancel your reservation:

    • Click on your reservation

    • Click on the Trashcan button in the pop-up window

  • Glen Oban residents only.

  • Times are in 15-minute increments.

  • Court 1 is Tennis Only and is the court nearest to the pool.

  • Court 2 is Tennis or Pickleball and is the court farthest from the pool.

  • Each user is limited to 10 ‘future’ reservations at a time.

  • You will receive an email confirmation as well as a reminder 1 hour prior to court time.

  • Consider adding the system to your phone home screen by adding a shortcut:

    • Navigate to the GOA Tennis Court Schedule on your phone

    • For Safari (iphone):

      • Select the square with arrow icon to the right of the web address

    • For Chrome (android):

      • Select the three dots on the upper right corner

    • Select Add to Home Screen from the menu that appears

    • A SuperSaaS icon will appear on your phone as if it were an app

For tennis court reservation questions, please contact:

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